Merrow Ring with 1.14ct Indicolite Tourmaline

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14kt yellow gold Merrow Gem Ring with 1.14ct Indicolite Tourmaline.

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This 14kt yellow gold Merrow Gem Ring is modified with a 1.14ct rectangle, faceted Indicolite Tourmaline in a basket setting. The gem features a large natural inclusion, which you can see most easily in the third photo. An inclusion is any material that is trapped inside of another mineral while that mineral forms. Gemstone inclusions are often regarded as a negative thing, however this is not always the case. Inclusions act as a marker of a gemstone’s unique identity, much like a finger print does for people. Each gemstone is totally unique and inclusions can tell researchers about many of the properties of each stone.

The ring measures approximately 3/8 inch at the widest point and tapers to 1/16 inch at the back. Free sizing is included before shipping.