Gàire Penannular, gold & sterling

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Smiling dragon penannular, pin top has spread wings with a 6mm gemstone.

The Gàire Penannular is a standout! Someone mentioned that these were smiling dragons, Gàire is the Scots-Gaelic word for smile or laugh, pronounced guy-ruh or gair-uh. Rob added so many special details to this penannular: from the intricate dragon heads, to textured scales running up the shank, to the unique pin top featuring wings and a 6mm cabochon gem. This mixed metal version has the dragon heads in gold, as well as the wings on the pin top and the gemstone bezel.

The Gàire Penannular measures about 2 inches by 2 inches. The pin measures about 3 ½ inches long, please choose yellow or rose gold and your preferred gemstone from the drop down list above.