Is your jewelry hallmarked? Why don't you stamp your jewelry with 925 sterling or 14kt gold?

Yes, all of Rob's designs have his hallmark which is his initals REP© and the year that the piece was first produced. This is also his assurance of the quality and workmanship.

Rob uses the traditional lost wax casting method for making his jewelry. This means that after he makes the original ring/pendant/penannular/etc completely by hand, he makes a mold of it, the mold can then be used to cast pieces in sterling and/or gold. Anything in the mold appears on the piece, so that means he can't have 14kt or 925 in the mold because it would show up on every piece. Stamping after the piece is cast is too risky because it requires such force that it can bend or alter the piece.

Do you do custom work? Can you modify one of your pieces to suit me? Can you use my family gemstones in a piece?

Yes, probably and maybe. Rob does custom work and modifications regularly. This includes simpler things like: resetting your Great Aunt's gemstone into one of his stock rings, adding a gemstone to piece that doesn't normally have a stone or making a ring thicker/wider at the back for increased durability; the other end of the spectrum would be creating a completely handbuilt one of a kind piece of jewelry. While Rob obviously specializes in Celtic inspired designs, custom designs are not limited to that. He has created designs with people that include inspiration from many different cultures, professions, hobbies and interests.

If you have gemstones that you are interested in having Rob incorporate into a piece, whether custom or an existing design, he will need to see the stones before determining whether they can be used.

Please contact us with your inquiry about modifications/custom work/gemstones.

Do you have a retail store?


Do you have a print catalog?

No, our stock changes too frequently to allow us to keep a current print catalog.

Do you repair jewelry other than your own?


Do you share your mailing list or email list? How often will you contact me?

No, we have never and will never share any contact information you provide. We occasionally send postcards to let you know we will be at a show near you. If you sign up to receive our email newsletter, we generally send those about 4 times a year.

What does the knotwork or design symbolize?

Generally, each individual piece has no symbolism above that which comes from its inspiration when Rob first sketched the idea. While some elements of Rob's work (trinity knots and triskele/triskelion) appear frequently in the Celtic art form and have generally accepted meanings, Rob sits down with his sketchbook and the ideas flow onto the page. He draws inspiration from many things including- history, art, nature and people. 

I saw a piece at a show but I can't find it on the website? or I saw a piece on your website before but I can't find it now, can I still order it?

Rob is continually making new pieces so in order to make room for these new designs, he retires older patterns twice a year- spring and fall usually. Once a piece retires, the mold goes into storage and no more will be produced, we sell the remaining stock and no orders will be taken. We keep the mold in case a repair or replacement is needed for an original owner.

Because of the regular influx of new items, it often takes anywhere from 3-6 months to get pieces up on the website. Many of the special modifications and One of a Kind designs never make it onto the website because they sell so quickly.

If you have recently seen a piece at a show but can't find it on the website, please contact us. Let us know the event you attended and describe the piece as best you can. And remember, you can always ask a staff member to write down the name and number of a piece for you at the sales counter, for easier searching later.

On the other hand- if you saw a piece previously online but you can't find it now. If you checked the category of the piece and the retiring pieces page and you still don't see it- chances are that the piece has retired and sold out. You are welcome to contact us with inquiries and you can also check with our retail associates to see if they have any remaining in stock.