Artists & Associates

Artists & Associates

Below is a list of all current R.E. Piland associates, both online and those with physical locations. If you would like to become an associate, please email or call us to get more information and wholesale pricing.

Retail Associates



Wellsir Farm:  old, new, and new2ewe

9431 S. Congress Street
New Market, Virginia 22844

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Artists & Craftsmen


Crafty Celts - A fine selection of historically inspired jewelry, hand crafted from brass, copper, bronze, and sterling silver.


Celtic Art, Ltd. -- Patrick Gallagher, custom woodwork, jewelry, graphics and printmaking.


Organizations & Directories


American Gem Trade Association - Add more color to your life. An association of United States and Canadian trade professionals dedicated to promoting the long term stability and integrity of the natural colored gemstone and cultured pearl industries.


Gemological Institute of America - The difference between wondering and knowing. Education and laboratory certifications on diamonds and gemstones.



Clan Home Society
Rob is a member of Clan Home. Please follow the link to learn more.


Clan Campbell Society

Liz is a member of Clan Campbell. Please follow the link to learn more.